"Maybe" Income or "Certain" Income in Retirement

retirees sitting on dockMany investors rely on “maybe” income in retirement. They take a certain percentage of income from their investment portfolio for their retirement income needs. Because there is no certainty of the future of an account value, there is no certainty of your income at a later date. When your investments go up and down like a bobber in the water, you cannot control the outcomes. When predictability is lacking,  sleepless nights or retirement income anxiety enters.

At The Agbay Group, we are experienced at creating written comprehensive retirement income plans for retirees and soon-to-be retirees designed to provide dependable (Certain) income in retirement. We can design a plan to help you maximize your income, generate lifetime income, stop worrying about market volatility and losses, minimize the fees you are paying, manage income taxes, and efficiently transfer assets to your loved ones.

And all of this is provided to you in writing as part of our process. We use a “No Rush 3+ Appointment Cycle” meaning we would need to meet with you one-on-one a minimum of three (3) times before any plan is implemented. We find out about you, discuss your current financial position, ask questions about your needs and goals, educate you on multiple subjects and alternatives, and create a customized written comprehensive retirement income plan just for you.

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