Investment Approach

The Agbay Group believes markets are efficient while many investment plans are not.  We combine corporate retirement plans experience and discipline to our personal financial advisory clients. The result is a powerful array of financial advisory services.

Our strategy is based on two core premises: 

  • Making money is the easy part; keeping it is the greater challenge.  
  • Buying an investment is much easier than knowing when to sell. 

Often, these two forces are at odds leaving many investors and advisors to make inopportune decisions at precisely the wrong time resulting in a destructive investment approach and poor results. 

Our experience shows that the most detrimental investments are made out of emotion.  Our mission is to remove emotion from the investment equation. As part of our financial advisory services, we provide a formal Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which guides us in the selection, monitoring and replacement of investments. Just like every successful company has a business plan, so too should every individual investor in the form of an IPS. 

We incorporate a disciplined and quantifiable 12-point investment criteria removing most, if not all, subjectivity and emotion from the investment equation.  It evaluates all the investments placing them in a "pass", "fail" or "watch" mode.  This allows us to then act accordingly on both the buy AND sell-side of the investment equation.  We believe this clearly sets our financial advisory services apart.

Would your current investments “pass” or “fail”?  Find out here by checking your risk score. 

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