Income from Assets the Right Way

Is your income Futureproof?

Eliminate Your Fear of Running Out of Money.

couple enjoying outdoors piggybackIn our experience we have found that most retirees have one thing in common: the fear of outliving their money. This is what keeps them up at night,” says Anthony Agbay, AIF®, and founder of The Agbay Group. “They don’t know how to turn assets they have accumulated into a reliable source of income. We have also found that some advisors are not trained in comprehensive retirement planning.

In certain cases, advisors may even be less motivated to create income plans because their personal incomes may be tied to the amount of assets they are managing and not to the income they are generating for you. These types of advisors may no longer earn fees on those assets after they are disbursed.”

It’s All About Income, Income, Income

“Helping retirees and soon-to-be retirees turn assets into consistent, contractually dependable sources of income is the passion and mission” says Agbay.  “During retirement, the financial strategies used to accumulate assets while you were working must shift into a plan that generates the maximum income for you to live out your retirement dreams,” he explains.

We design plans to help reduce risk in volatile markets and seek reasonable rates of return. Minimize potential losses to principal, and help to protect beneficiaries, and create dependable lifetime income.

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