The Agbay Group
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Our process begins with identifying and understanding the Two Stages of Money in Retirement Planning and carefully navigating you through both.

2 Stages of Money in Retirement Planning

Stage 1

Asset Accumulation

While Working

  • Making salary
  • Investing monthly
  • Desire maximum growth
  • Don't need current income
  • Assets meant to create future retirement income
  • Time is on your side

Stage 2

Income Distribution & Asset Preservation

Retired & Pre-Retired

  • No salary
  • No monthly investments
  • Desire maximum security
  • Want low volatility
  • Must minimize losses
  • Create maximum income guaranteed* for life
  • Assets to produce income now or in future
  • Time is no longer on your side

*Guarantee are subject to the claims paying ability and principal strength of the annuity issuer.

The strategies that get you through stage one, cannot and will not work in stage two. If you are using the same strategies in retirement as you did in accumulation stage, your planning  can be ineffective.

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